God, Sex and Your Marriage

What’s OK In The Bedroom? Part 1

As someone who teaches on the area of sexual intimacy, I get A LOT of questions. By far, the most common questions relate to “what’s ok in the bedroom.” Now that you have a wedding ring on your finger, are you free to engage in whatever you want?

Before we even get into discussing whether something is right or wrong in the bedroom, I want to emphasize that God’s desire is for you and your spouse to experience GREAT PLEASURE!! His standards are not to limit your enjoyment, but to heighten it. I think many Christian couples have no idea what freedom they have in the bedroom. God made the marriage relationship a safe place for a husband and wife to explore, experiment, laugh, and get lost in sensational sex.

As with all areas of life, God’s instructions on sex can be found in the Bible. Do you know that the Bible talks about sex a lot?? Although the answers to sexual questions aren’t found in a chapter or verse, using the Bible as a reference guide for decisions will make you wise in discerning good from evil (Hebrews 5:14) even when something seems like a grey area.

There are three questions that can help you discern whether a sexual act is right or wrong in your marriage. Over the next three days, we will take a look at these questions and how they apply to your marriage.

Question to Ponder:
What questions do you and your spouse have regarding “what’s OK?” Do you believe God has an answer for you?

Action Step:
Get on your knees together and ask the Lord for His wisdom regarding the questions you have.