His Great Sacrifice, Our Great Commission

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Excerpt: ...And I Sat There by Hazel Hoskins
We were driving from Zagreb to Sarajevo cramped in Pastor Felix's old Opel Kadett - hot and sticky from the Croatian sun. However, our discomfort was inconsequential compared to the horror unfolding before our eyes...

Each turn of the road brought new scenes portraying the aftermath of the war. Hardly a village had escaped shelling or mortar fire. Buildings that were still standing were completely derelict. Dwellings had been looted to the point that they resembled skeletons. Any walls that were still standing were peppered with bullet holes. We were devastatingly reminded of those who had died here.

We moved toward the mountain area where we would be stopping for lunch. The scenery changed drastically - from utter destruction to breathtaking beauty; tumbling waterfalls, crystal clear lakes with turquoise hue, towering pines and silvery birches...a veritable Garden of Eden.

God, you created such a beautiful world. Then sin reared its ugly head with its evil and greed. Man destroyed your perfect world.