His Great Sacrifice, Our Great Commission

Excerpt: Then...Seeds of Spiritual Lineage by Rob Hoskins
Jesus did not die so that all the hungry could be fed. He did not die so that all the sick could receive medicine. He did not die so that all the poor could have warm clothes. He laid down His life upon Calvary as a sacrifice for our sins, so that all our souls could be saved.

Saving souls is the Father's business. Jesus gave us all that commission when He called us His friends. When we bear fruit for the kingdom, that fruit is measured in terms of souls.

If we feed every starving child in Africa, but fail to bring them into God’s kingdom, we have done them no favors - they will still spend eternity in hell. If we build a home for every homeless person in America but fail to lead them to Jesus, we have not changed their future significantly - eternal separation from God is still their fate. If we get the best medicine to the worst-off victims of disease and disaster but fail to introduce them to the One who can heal their souls, they will still be doomed forever.

Our business is the business of fruit for the kingdom of God, the Father’s business. While we should do what we can to ease the physical needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and those who are lost, too, our main concern is that we bear fruit that lasts for the kingdom of heaven. Food doesn’t last. Clothes don’t last. Medicine doesn’t last. Souls last.