His Great Sacrifice, Our Great Commission

Excerpt: Hope Delivered by Rob Hoskins
One day a team from the local church came to her school with a gift for each student, the Book of Hope. The believers put on a presentation for the students, which included a little drama designed to show young people like Elienne just how much God loves them. To this day Elienne remembers it clearly.

First, a young man offered a lollipop to one of the students, but just as he was handing it over, he dropped it into the dirt and it became filthy. Did the student still want it? No, of course not; it was disgusting!

Next he substituted a dollar bill for the lollipop, and again, as he went to hand it over, he dropped it into the dirt. He bent and picked up the filthy dollar and inquired whether the student still wanted it as it was now all dirty. But of course a dirty dollar is still a dollar, and of course it was still wanted!

"He explained that even though the lollipop lost its value when it became dirty, young people like me were like the dollar bill to God," Elienne recalls. "No matter how many times we fall and get dirty, we never lose our value in the eyes of God. The young man reminded us God loves us and that we are important to the One who created us."