His Great Sacrifice, Our Great Commission

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Excerpt: Hope Delivered by Rob Hoskins
I remember the story my father told years ago of a South American gentleman who received a little gospel booklet from some Christian young people on the street corner one day as he hurried home from work. When he saw that it was a booklet about God, he ripped it up and threw it away. At some point he had decided he hated God, the church, and anyone representing the church. (Quite possibly his antagonism had been exacerbated by the Marxist literature that was flooding Latin America at the time.)

But when he arrived home that night, he found a scrap of the booklet still clinging to the sleeve of his shirt. He brushed it off but couldn't help seeing what was written on it: "And the Lord said..."
He threw the scrap of paper away with a curse. But he couldn't get the phrase out of his head. "And the Lord said..."

All through dinner he thought about it. He didn't even sleep well that night because it kept echoing in his dreams. "And the Lord said..."

The next day at work the phrase still dogged his thoughts. As he hurried home again that evening, he was overjoyed to see the same team of young people on the same street corner, handing out the same booklets. He rushed up to one of the young men, and said, "Please, please tell me what the Lord said!"

He listened to the gospel message, dedicated his life to Christ, and later became a pastor.