His Great Sacrifice, Our Great Commission

Excerpt: The Indestructible Seed by Bob Hoskins
Carl Sagan, the well known humanistic astronomer and scientist, often expressed his awe over the "billions and billions" of stars in space. And yet Sagan denied that there is a God. The vastness of God's creation did not move him.

Tragically, we Christians are, in many ways, just like the atheistic scientist. We are awed by the numbers - the billions and billions of lost souls - but we are not moved to act.

And what is our excuse?

Some say the problem is too big, there are too many people, we'll never be able to reach them all. But to say those things is to deny the power of God, and to deny the reality of what we have seen accomplished through God's Word.

We have seen God's Word turn back the tide of famine...of drug use...of Marxist ideology...of war. We have seen the Scriptures rejuvenate the sagging spirit of the wandering refugee, and empower the struggling underground Church.

We know, firsthand, that there is no greater power on earth than the power of God's Word.