Newsboys - God's Not Dead

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I Am Second

First we just want to thank you for getting to the last day of our Overflow Devo here on YouVersion. It has been a real treat to share God’s Word and our music with you. That said we saved a special one for the end. The song I Am Second is something we partnered up with our good friends at the not-for-profit organization, ‘I Am Second’ for. The heart of that ministry is built around John 12:32, so this final reading will be the 12th chapter of John.

We’ve seen first hand from so many years of touring the world that one of the hardest things for a Christian to do is put his or herself second. To essentially, let go and let God. Man, those words are so easy to say, but the action is so difficult sometimes. C.S. Lewis actually calls pride, ‘The Great Sin’ because it is a catalyst to so many others and prevents us from doing the work of God. Well the heart of this song is to remind you that, even though we think we know what we’re doing, God has a plan, God has a path, God has a way, and by putting ourselves second, and putting Him first, we are able to clearly see the true meaning for our lives.

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