Newsboys - God's Not Dead

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God's Not Dead

As we said in the opening video, when you make a comment like “God’s Not Dead”, you’re in essence drawing a line in the sand. You’re telling people that you believe in the King that died and rose again to life. But, where do we get that confidence? What makes us say that God is NOT dead?

Of course, Christ’s death and crucifixion are one of the key pillars to our faith, but it goes deeper than that. Not only is He risen, He’s also alive inside in us. With John 14 we find Jesus presenting the basis for His true purpose on earth so that the disciples can continue the mission. He lets them know the only way for us to be with our heavenly Father is through Him; if you ask for anything in His name, He’ll do it. But specifically in verses 16-21, Christ really begins breaking down the relationship between the Holy Trinity and us. Highlighted by His reference to the third person in the triune God, “…for He lives with you and will be in you.” He is surely alive!

Now that is truly a love so bold, it can bring a revolution.

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