Newsboys - God's Not Dead

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Savior of the World

What a statement the title of this song makes. Savior of the World. Talk about a full-time job! In today’s reading we are going to go back to the eyewitness account from Jesus’s close friend John and learn how we can truly be saved by the one sent to save us.

In this chapter we are starting to see some of the skeptics of Christ asking some serious questions. First and foremost, how does this ‘human’ perform these ‘Godly’ miracles? And better yet, how do I get in good with this guy? Well, as usual we see Jesus deflecting all glory given to Him back to the Father. But the truth is found in the answer, “you must be born again…” And that starts by having a direct relationship with the one that God sent to earth because He loved us, His son, Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Jesus Savior of the World!

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