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Your Love Never Fails

We are all very familiar with the ‘love chapter’ of the Bible, I Corinthians 13 (especially if you have been to a wedding!) Here Paul tells the people of Corinth, among other things, that love never fails (there are also a whole host of things that love does and doesn’t do, which is why it is also part of the suggested reading ☺)

And while there are many passages we could have selected that would cosign the theme of this song, we feel like I John 4 does it best. Here we find John, who was so good at using small words to emphasize big meaning, speaking to this new sect of Christ followers. He is telling them that not only do they need to know God to know love; he goes so far as to say God IS love. It’s because of that love that He sent His Son to die for our sins, it’s that love that we need to show to every person in the world, and it’s that love that never fails.

Sometimes there’s pain in the night, but true to His word, joy comes in the morning.

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