Newsboys - God's Not Dead

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Pouring It Out For You

Now, to be fair, we did see the connection between The Overflow Devo and the chorus of this song, but that’s not why we picked it, we picked it cause we love it! And just like the folks at The Overflow, we’re using Psalm 23 to bring this song to life. Let’s kick it Old Testament.

David was known as the man after God’s heart. He was a man that struggled with so many things in his life, but always knew that His Father in heaven had his back. No chapter depicts this tension better than the 23rd Psalm. While outlining some pretty horrible things (ever wonder what the ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death’ looked like?), he always reminds himself (and us) that God is there and it’s going to be all good. To be facing your enemies and know that goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life is why we sing this song.

With God’s grace pouring out, it’s impossible for our cups not to overflow.

Hear 'Pouring It Out For You' on The Overflow