Newsboys - God's Not Dead

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Mighty to Save

Being that this album is a collection of Worship songs, we borrowed one of our favorites from our friends at Hillsong. Mighty to Save is a track that is so full of truth, it was hard to pull out just one Biblical theme, but to prevent a week’s worth of reading in one day, we’ve selected Romans 8.

The opening of the second verse in the song says, “Take me as you find me, all my fears and failures.” Reflect for a moment and think about how much of your life is represented by fears and by failures. We’re going to pass the mic back to Paul on this one. He’s talking to a group that might be classified as more sophisticated than his average audience, but one that also was hardened by sin. As Paul explains from his first hand knowledge, the wages of sin is death (talk about fear!), but redemption can be found in the person of Jesus Christ. It’s these sins, or failures, that create the distance between God and us. But, He takes us as He finds us and still extends His grace. What a Savior!

Now, make sure you shine your light to let the whole world see.

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