Love What Matters

"Love Is Not Easily Angered"

Holding anger is not the sin, it is what we do in our anger that can acquire sin. I imagine anger is one emotion that ran rampant through Paul’s veins upon returning to the church of Corinth to see utter disarray compared to the state he originally left it in. Paul worked diligently to help create a place full of unity and the love of Christ so that in his absence they could flourish and grow as one community in worship. While Paul was away he received the news of Corinth not doing well and immediately returned to see what truth the news held.

Question & Answer: Have you ever worked your hardest to achieve something just to have it taken from you?

I challenge you to stop and think before you speak when you feel yourself getting angry. Start loving on people during moments where you would ordinarily get upset. Show Christ through your actions!