Love What Matters

"Love Is Not Self-Seeking"

What does it mean to be selfless when you are living in a world full of self-righteous and socially-driven individuals who are all out for their own personal gain? How do you avoid being selfish with those you love and begin to be completely and totally selfless?

These are questions most people internally and sometimes subconsciously struggle with on a daily basis. In fact, being completely selfless is a concept that I do not believe to be ever fully accomplished as a human being. At one point or another we become selfish. It is within our human nature and something we are ingrained to act out. So how do we avoid that?

I would say the only way to perfectly study how to be selfless is by looking at the only life to ever grace this earth that has accomplished the art of selflessness. Jesus Christ lived in such a way that He was envied by all, loved by many, hated by masses, followed by large numbers, and used as an example forever. He became this due to His life of being the perfect leader.

Question & Answer: What is the most difficult thing for you to be selfless with? Why? What in your life do you feel selfish towards? Where do these desires comes from?

I challenge you to serve others! Begin thinking selflessly and let go of your selfish desires. Serve and help others to the best of your ability and through God’s strength!