Love What Matters

"Love Always Trusts"

Imagine every relationship you have. Now imagine each of those relationships with perfect trust enacted throughout. How different were the two imaginations played out in your mind? I know for me, the answer has an extreme that words do not do justice; however, if relationships had perfect trust, that opens up a whole new can of situations and arguments we would never tackle and learn from.

The fact of the matter is, trust is an inevitable topic and breaking someone’s trust, at some point, is too. The way we learn, grow, and fix a problem is what determines who we become and how we handle trust differently the next time around. Trust is so easy to maintain; open lines of communication alongside total honesty, and there you find trust. At the opposite end of the spectrum, trust is so easy to lose!

Show the respect to others that you would want enacted to you; be trustworthy in hopes that others will also show you that same trustworthiness. I challenge you to discuss this topic with those closest to you. See what their thought process is on how to trust others and ask about struggles as well!

Question & Answer: If trust is so easy to lose and so hard to gain, why do we not cherish it as much as it is worth?