Love What Matters

"Love Keeps No Record of Wrong"

Holding onto the past or holding onto a grudge is all too easy, especially when you find yourself being hurt over and over again. Maybe you have been hurt by different people but all in the same way, or maybe you have been hurt by the same person but in numerous ways. Whatever your situation may be, forget it.

True love is enacted through grace and mercy such as what Christ offers us not only on a daily basis, but on a second-by-second basis. The longer we hold on to some sort of sin, regret, wrongdoing, or ill manner, the longer we allow these thoughts and memories to creep into our being and terminate our true love and affection we could be feeling instead.

Question & Answer: Who do you currently need to let go of past circumstances with?

I challenge you to approach that person, via note or in person, and let it go!
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