Love What Matters

"Love Does Not Delight in Evil but Rejoices with the Truth"

Many would say that honesty is one of the single most important facets to a relationship of any nature. We all know someone who lies. From that person we see how often it is difficult for them to cover up their lies, remember who they said which lie to, and cope with the difficulty of having a double life. Learn from the examples you see around you and run towards the truth.

Far too often people find themselves making an excuse to allow for the telling of one small lie. Ask anyone who has been in this situation and they will tell you, it does NOT stop there. One lie has the ability to grow into something so overpowering you will be left empty and questioning how on earth you so quickly got there. There is truth in the Biblical sentiment that the truth will set you free.

Question & Answer: Is lying a struggle for you or someone close to you? How can you begin tackling that situation?

I challenge you to pray for an honest heart and spirit of discernment to allow the truth to set you free!