Love What Matters

"Love Always Hopes"

Hope is something that can arise from an outside source, be placed inside your mind, and from there you are given the director role of deciphering what will take place next. Will you suppress the hope? Will you give it bigger life? Will you share it with those around you? Will you be filled with so much hope that everyone who comes in contact with you will be forced to feel its presence?

My mother had no choice; or at least, that is how she describes it when discussing her fight with stage 3 cancer. The sense of peace and understanding she exhibited throughout the entire process of her weekly chemo treatments, daily radiation sessions, and maintaining a full-time job (regardless of doctor’s orders), is an experience that is hard to put as words on paper.

Question & Answer: Who have you learned hope from? Does that person know they helped you learn a valuable lesson?

I challenge you to give hope to others. Encourage and support those around you until you see the vital hope we all need rising up within them!