Love What Matters

"Love Does Not Dishonor Others"

We tend to live for the moment rather than living for the future. We succumb to the patterns and customs of our temporary home rather than our eternal home. Live according to the accountability that not only can God see your every action, but one day you will have a spouse to give yourself to. This spouse deserves your whole heart, damages, scars, joys, and tears. They deserve your whole heart and being.

The more we fill our hearts with sex and immorality, the harder it becomes and the less of our heart we have to offer. You deserve God’s best possible mate. Give them what they deserve in return as well; all of you. Live honorably.

Who in your life displays a great sense of honor? What is it about them that makes you feel this way? What does it mean to dishonor someone? I challenge you to pray for yourself, your family, friends, and spouse (or future spouse); pray that your actions will bring honor to their hearts!