Sorry Not Sorry



Jesus did not call us to be spectators. He did not call us to be customers of the church. Jesus didn't die on a cross so we could sit in a padded seat twice a month and have a sermon pass through one ear to the other. We are called to be contributors. We are called to serve. We are called to action. Then why is it that so many of us run when we're asked to use our talents and gifts at church? Because comfort is always our default unless a conscious decision is made to put forth an effort to prioritize this over our contentment.

It's about time we stand up and call this what it is: selfishness.

Have we forgotten what Christ died for? Have we forgotten just how dead in our sins we were and how much we were in need of God's grace? Do we think we got here on our own somehow and now we're just good people? If we owe our lives to Christ, we would obey Him. And He makes it clear in the Bible verses we're about to read: His disciples were to love above all else and be the servants of all, not the served of all.

Sorry not sorry, but we need to be CONTRIBUTORS, not CONSUMERS.