Sorry Not Sorry



Why is this value not always easy to maintain? We get flooded by the tens or even hundreds of other thoughts and priorities we are barraged with everyday. Sometimes we tend to take church and mentally tuck it away. The issue with this is that we all have the same amount of time. We all have the same amount of brain space. It's a matter of making it a priority and truly understanding the importance.

Church is not another thing on our plate, it's the only thing on our plate.

The rest is complimentary. After-school programs, golf outings, and even work schedules are all things that will pass away with this life. It may seem harsh and it may seem over-the-top, but the heroes of faith before us wouldn't think so. They gave up their jobs, their families, their dreams, and their comfort, because they were aggressive about reaching people who didn't know the message of Jesus. Can the same be said of us?

Sorry not sorry, but we need to be AGGRESSIVE, not APATHETIC.