Sorry Not Sorry



Why is it so important that we proactively pursue being a blessing to others? We are representatives of Christ. In fact, the term "Christians" first appeared in the church at Antioch and it was actually an insult. Those persecuting the church were calling those following Jesus "little Christs."

We may be the only Christ some of our friends, neighbors, and family members will ever see or give a chance.

We should not take this responsibility lightly. God forbid we be the example of Christ in someone's life and because of us they assume that He is stingy, unforgiving, or a burden. Practically, we begin to take on every day with the mindset that we will be given opportunities to be a blessing or a burden, and we will choose the former. When someone texts or calls you because they have a flat tire, it's not a burden, but an opportunity. When you hear that someone is going through a health scare or just had a baby, we don't think of the bare minimum: we go out of our way to bless them the best that we can. And then we pray that they see Christ in a favorable way because we stayed obedient.

Sorry not sorry, but we need to be a BLESSING, not a BURDEN.