Sorry Not Sorry



How do we get to a place where we become consumers instead of contributors? We lose the weight and the value of Christ's sacrifice. If what He did for us is really no big deal, then why would we give everything up and obey Him above all else? If we could really take or leave His death on the cross, then we won't worry about making sure we serve His House. But if we recognize it for what it truly is - our sin put Him on that cross, and we deserved death and destruction and yet He still died for us - then we can't help but want to please Him with our life.

Church doesn't become just a Sunday thing, and Sundays aren't negotiable.

They are everything.

Because in the Presence of God, the incredible gift that we've been given is offered to others! He's called us to love our neighbors, and that's a fun, pithy statement to throw around, but the truest form of love is to tell them about how our life has been changed. The most pure form of obeying that command is to ensure that if they choose to walk away from Christ, it's not from lack of hearing. We will contribute every dollar, every hour, every beat in our chest to fulfilling the mission He's left us with: to tell EVERYONE of His love and mercy. To tell them the Kingdom of God is not far off - it's actually nearer than they could imagine.

Sorry not sorry, but we need to be CONTRIBUTORS, not CONSUMERS.