Sorry Not Sorry



Passion communicates importance. When you're passionate about your occupation, you pour everything into it - and it shows. When you care deeply about a cause, it moves your heart and your actions follow suit: but you're not simply acting out of rote obligation.

You're doing it because you want to, or rather, you NEED to.

This is how it ought to be with our dedication as a church. The Bible says that Jesus was often moved with COMpassion. COMPASSION leads to PASSION. Jesus saw the crowds before Him for what they were: sheep without a shepherd. Perhaps we can relate to that feeling from the days before we met Christ. But now, our lives have purpose and we've been redeemed. When we see those around us in a similar fashion, we begin to be brokenhearted (compassionate) because they aren't experiencing life in the way they could be.

That is why we work passionately.

Perhaps you can sense the passion and the urgency in this Bible plan - it's because we feel passionately about inspiring us as people of God to realize our potential and work to reach people for Christ. It's powerful when it's there and it's just as powerful in the opposite way when it's absent. We hope the wording and the content of this plan stirs your heart back into compassionate passion for God's House and for the lost.

Sorry not sorry, but we need to be PASSIONATE, not PASSIVE.