Sorry Not Sorry



When we feel content to show up about two Sundays a month, sit in our same seat that we've sat in for years, never bring anyone with us, and try to beat the traffic out after church dismisses, we've reached a dangerous place. I wonder how the apostles would feel if they saw the way we treat church. The church they sacrificed for, gave everything for, and ultimately died for.

We should be ashamed.

Being involved in the church and seeing people's lives changed forever is the most significant, eternal work we can be a part of. Why do we treat it like we could take it or leave it? Why does it become a side note? We need to get back to being a group of people who are aggressive about their approach to reaching people. It's bred not from a prideful heart, but a heart that's broken over the millions of people who are far from Christ. Maybe we forget that the Bible tells us that there will come a time when we are judged and to some Christ will say, "Depart from me, I never knew you." Maybe we've forgotten how serious it is. We need to be an 'all hands on deck' type of church. When you understand the significance and the weight of the task we've been left with, you can't be apathetic or lazy.

Sorry not sorry, but we need to be AGGRESSIVE, not APATHETIC.