Through the Workship 2010 convention, we’ve established that if there are two things that are of greatest importance to God, they are ‘worship’ and ‘fruitfulness.’ We strive through our work and labor to achieve fruitfulness that God desires. However, the real fruit is not borne in striving or laboring. It is first found in abiding. Jesus is the true vine. If we wish to bear fruit for Him, the number one thing that we need to focus on is ‘remaining’ or ‘abiding’ in Him.

Apart from Him, we can't produce fruit. And if we try to bear fruit aside from God, it is meaningless to Him and He will not accept it. He demonstrated this at the second generation when Abel and Cain brought their offerings. When we constantly strive to remain in Christ and abide in His word, we have His blessing on what we do and His word directs our paths and the direction we ought to take. So more than our focus of serving the Lord, let our focus be of remaining in Christ.

Lesson: The few things we do out of an overflow of remaining in Christ are of greater value to God than the many things we do without considering Him.


It is a good thing to plan. If we don’t plan, we don’t envision. If we don’t envision, we have no idea of where we wish to go or what direction we wish to take. So the scripture carefully exhorts us to commit to the Lord whatever we do. This rids us of the doubt of treading a wrong path. At the same time, it encourages us to know that God is involved in the activity we’ve placed before him.

The above reference comes with a promise, a guarantee that our plans will succeed. When God is involved in our planning process, we can be assured of His wisdom not only in the act of planning but also of His blessing upon the plan. What is also vital to understand is that the plan is almost like an action of faith following the prayer of submission. So committing what we do to God does not abruptly end by God taking over from there. It is rather a partnership working with God with us taking the lead in the planning process.

Lesson: Pray well, plan well. The Holy Spirit is known as the “Helper” in John 14:16 (NKJV).