I need a hero
Who'll dare to find me
Fly to my rescue
And crash through the wall
Announce my freedom
Bring me to my senses
Gather me into His strong arms
And carry me safety

The above lines are from a song written by Chris Rice in which he speaks about how incapable He is of saving himself. And truly, human nature doesn’t work that way. We cannot save ourselves no matter how deep we look inside of us or what meditation tour we take.

We constantly seek help and we need someone very capable to come to our rescue. In times of crises, we turn to people of expertise or people of influence. We feel somehow they will be able to save us and rescue us and make all things well. Some at evangelical gatherings even flock to the preacher as though he were a savior. But in reality, he cannot save.

The person He preaches about and the words he speaks have saving power in them, however no servant of God possesses any power in and of himself to save humanity except the only Servant who was sent by God. Upon Him is the seal of the Godhead and by His death, burial and resurrection, He now carries every possible power to save from sickness, disease, sin, self and death.

Those who do not believe in this truth are condemned already because they cannot save themselves and they have rejected the only one who has the power to save them. There is no hope for such people unless they repent and realize the depravity from which they need deliverance.

Lesson: In a time of crisis, where would you naturally run to? Your bank, friends, mentors, counselors or JESUS?


Some people just cannot be corrected. They are the benchmark for their progress. Whenever somebody tells them that they are wrong, they can’t stand it. They see their loved ones as enemies. Such people cannot progress because they refuse to listen to people’s honest opinions. All throughout the book of Proverbs, we learn the importance of rebukes and corrections. A person’s measure of progress is directly affected by his ability to be corrected.

It is a very important quality of a wise person to be able to consider and give advice a hearing. Once heard, it can either be dismissed or applied. That is a separate issue. But heeding to advice is very important. Ambition is good, but if not backed up by practical reasoning, it can never materialize. Even Jesus said, “Calculate the cost before beginning to build.”

Lesson: Let us consider worthy people to scrutinize our plans on their viability and pay heed to their suggestions.