The third person of the trinity is often the most ignored. But in reality, it is only through Him that we ever have any possible revelation of God. Here, Jesus was to now go to be with the Father and He was sending the Holy Spirit to His disciples in order to lead and direct them. In reality, the same power that was with Jesus all this while was now going to be with the disciples.

The uniqueness of the Holy Spirit is that He does not speak of His own. Rather, it can be perceived that He is the medium that connects us with the happenings of heaven. This also means that He will take the Word of God and make it alive and relevant to us, thus not revealing something new but rather opening the veil from over what has been ancient and sealed up.

His purpose is to guide disciples of Jesus into all truth. He primarily glorifies Christ and to a believer, day after day, reveals the glories of Christ in the minutest mundane things of life. When we hear the voice of the Spirit showing us the beauty of Christ and cracking for us mysteries of heaven, we know that He is at work in enriching our lives. Jesus clarifies here that the Holy Spirit will tell a believer of what is to come. So he happens to be a prophetic guidance constantly warning us of dangers and leading us into the perfect direction God wills for us.

It is good for us to pray to the Spirit and ask Him for His divine direction in our lives. And having prayed that, it is good for us to read God’s word because that is where He is going to direct us from. Also, having said that, it is vain if we don’t open our ears to hear what He says to us.

Lesson: Let’s open our ears widely to what the Holy Spirit would wish to communicate to us. Ignoring His voice would mean ignoring divine direction.


“He’s a man with a very pure heart!” Have you heard this been said about someone somewhere during a conversation? The fact is that a little time spent with a person will tell you the kind of heart he has. It usually does not take time to figure out the kind of person you’re dealing with. You come to know instantly whether they are shrewd, innocent or wicked.

The scripture states that a man with a perverse heart does not prosper. Perverse people have wrong motives. Deep down, their motives to do something is very wrong. During a meeting of common interest, it does not take long to realize whether someone is doing something out of a genuine motive or for their personal benefit and vested interest. Such people can be identified and are then sidetracked.

Someone who uses half truth and white lies can soon be picked up and trust is lost. When trust is lost, almost everything else is lost with it. It is not hard for the discerning to notice a deceitful tongue and relationships can suffer intensely over a period of time.

Lesson: Pray to God for a regenerated heart and its continual sanctification. Communicate truth with transparency. There is no reason why you should not be appreciated and lifted up.