This is one of the most direct ways of transcendent, Holy God telling mortal sinful human beings, “I LOVE YOU.” In this verse, God adds a brief description to His love, calling it EVERLASTING. We all have experienced love or affection from someone very dear to us, probably a family member, spouse or friend.

The love that we experience with one's dear people surely makes us feel good. However, we soon find the distance increases and those moments of affection don’t quite last long. What God is saying through this verse is that His affections will not cease. They will last forever. His love will go on and on whether or not other things last. He also says that He draws us with His loving-kindness.

The scripture says that it is God’s kindness that leads a sinner to repentance. How God deals with a sinner is so amazing. He does not deal as our sins deserve, but He woos us by His kindness. His kind and pardoning response to the continual rebellion of a sinner is what brings a change of heart and thereby repentance. Because He is forgiving and merciful, people who realize it forsake their wicked ways and are drawn to live a life pleasing to the Lord who loves them so much.

Lesson: You are safe in the love of God. His love for you will never change.


A timely word can be the difference of life and death. Abigail is an example of this in the Bible. When King David was infuriated and on his way to kill Nabal, Abigail intervened well enough to save the life of her husband. It was that timely word which got the king to search his own heart. The impact a person makes on others often results from the kind of words spoken.

In the above scripture, it shows us that even among the conversations of the wise, there is room for an apt reply. Silver denotes an elegant surrounding and the gold denotes the glorious reply of the wise. We must never forget that sometimes the only memory people will carry of us is a good word spoken or a wise sentence.

Lesson: Wait for your chance to speak, and when you speak, let them be golden apples of wisdom such that when you leave, people ponder over what you’ve said.