Free Indeed! God’s Empowering Word Infused Into Your Life Makes You Free Indeed


Day 7 – Knowing God as Your Father 

The word “Abba” is actually a biblical word that means “father.” Both Jesus and Paul used the word Abba to refer to or address God. Abba literally means “daddy“ and communicates a childlike trust between God and his child, followed by an adult appreciation of God as Father. It means you can know Him both as Father and as God. Intimacy and awe are inextricably combined in the phrase “Abba, Father.“ 

God chose to reveal Himself through Jesus. All Jesus said, all He did, came from the Father. In the life of Jesus, you see that your Father is compassionate, strong, steadfast, protective, faithful, trustworthy, bold, caring, and firm.

Wrong ideas you hold about God create an incorrect view of God and the Bible, and hinders the work of God in your life. Man possesses an innate God-consciousness that drives him to search for God. Unfortunately, this quest sometimes leads man to worship false gods. 

It is absolutely imperative as a follower of Christ to develop a personal concept of “Abba, Father” into a biblically accurate mental image. If you want to see true transformation within yourself, then you must expose your belief about God, correct the ones that are wrong, adopt right beliefs in their place, and then consistently apply them throughout your life.

God loves and cares for you and the Truth through scripture backs up these promises. As you take time to meditate on the Scriptures, you will develop a correct and personal concept of God as your father who has poured out His blessings and rich inheritance on you. Why would He do this? Because He loves you, He delights in you, He cherishes you, and it is why He created you. 

Just imagine the implications: The God of Heaven, the Monarch of the Universe, the awesome Creator of all living things... is your sovereign Father!

Has your concept of God been warped by Satan? 

Thinking of the characteristics that Jesus displayed, what picture does that paint in your mind of God the Father?

Understanding God’s character from the Bible, are you ready to trust Him with your problems?