Free Indeed! God’s Empowering Word Infused Into Your Life Makes You Free Indeed


Day 3 – Replacing Your Negative Thoughts

When Satan deceived Adam and Eve, he specifically targeted their God-given ability to believe—that is, he convinced them to believe Satan‘s lies as God‘s Truth and God‘s Truth as Satan’s lies. Man is prone to believe lies as truth.  

Knowledge can be useful, but it cannot impart God’s Truth! When you became a Christian, the Holy Spirit began assailing your mind with God’s Truth. Unfortunately, the Truth of God often contradicts the beliefs you already hold. When one of your existing beliefs disagrees with a new Truth, your mind engages in an inward battle between Spirit and flesh (your sinful tendencies).

The way to stop the battle is through the biblical process of renewing your mind. When you allow your mind to be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit, the false beliefs you hold are exposed and replaced. What you believe is of utmost importance, because your beliefs directly effect how you behave. The more your mind is renewed, the more it is freed from false beliefs and the more you will see a change in your behavior. 

This renewal is often referred to as “putting on” and “putting off”. This simply means to change from one thing to another in the same way you would take off one piece of clothing and then put on another in its place. In the process of “putting off” the things of the world and “putting on” the things of God, God never removes something without replacing it with something far better. 

The Holy Spirit’s work in you takes you through the process of transformation: exposing your own beliefs, helping you recognize them, and renewing your mind in those areas. 

Begin by asking the Holy Spirit to reveal any incorrect beliefs you have about yourself, God, or others. Look up Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to start “putting off” the incorrect belief and to “put on” His Truths. As you trust in God, His Word, and the Holy Spirit you will see transformation.

What incorrect beliefs do you have about yourself, God, and others?

How are these beliefs hindering you?

Do you believe the Holy Spirit can transform you like He did for so many in the Bible?