Free Indeed! God’s Empowering Word Infused Into Your Life Makes You Free Indeed


Day 8 – The Power of Worship

Worship honors God and changes you. Worship is an attitude of the heart, a 24/7 lifestyle, and the foundation for a vital Christian walk. When you worship, you take on the character and characteristics of who you are worshipping, of the One whom you worship. 

True worship is supernatural. It is born in the heart of God and then produced in you by the Holy Spirit. When you submit to God, He begins patiently fanning the flames of an unquenchable thirst for Him, giving you a hunger for His Word, His wisdom, and His ways. 

When you worship, it means you have taken the time to contemplate the One you are worshipping, and you have determined He is worthy of your worship. Our English word “worship“ has at its root the Middle English weorth, which means worthy. You might just as accurately call it “worth-ship,“ for it is the act of expressing to God He is truly worthy and deserving of your adoration. 

Worship is right on the front lines of the ferocious battle for the human heart, where the love for this world and its things competes minute-by-minute for your attention. When you neglect the pursuit of God, your love of God begins to grow cold. It inevitably ushers in a spiritual darkness that stifles the true knowledge of the One who loves you and died for you. 

Satan understands the power of worship; that’s why he’s constantly trying to poison your love for God and lure you into adoration of worldly things. If you find yourself feeling little passion for God, perhaps you have replaced God with something or someone else. 

As you worship Him, His Holy Spirit inside of you connects with your spirit, which in turn makes your soul (mind, will, and emotions,) acutely aware of the magnitude of His power. Coming into such close quarters with God provides intimacy with your Heavenly Father, and refills your spirit in such a way that it will flow through you to live an extraordinary life in an ordinary world. 

How would you describe your personal worship? 

Think of a time of worship where you experienced a transformation. How did it make you feel toward God?   

What actions can you put into place that will deepen your relationship with Abba Father?