Free Indeed! God’s Empowering Word Infused Into Your Life Makes You Free Indeed


Day 6 – Becoming Who You Are In Christ 

As a believer, the Bible alone is your final authority and needs to be the anchor for which your true identity is built. The Bible reveals that God is far more interested in who you are than in what you do. Whenever your life is predicated upon what you do it produces a conditioned identity. Your identity, then, is whatever the organization or job description or society determines it to be. Satan does his best to influence you, to concentrate on what you do, or how you behave, rather on who you are. 

The Holy Spirit wants to build your true identity based on the personality of Jesus. If you are to truly break free of your old identity and embrace your true identity in Christ, you need to understand the dynamic that exists at the heart of your wrong perceptions about yourself. The Bible calls it “conforming.” In Romans 12:1-2, you are commanded not to conform to the world. Conforming is the world’s attempt to change the person inwardly by changing the things that affect him outwardly. 

The Bible clearly outlines how to avoid conforming to the world, and it is the process of transformation by the Spirit of God. This transformation is simply the Holy Spirit making Christ real in you. Transformation always creates a true-identity, never a pseudo-identity. It is the biblical process of becoming outwardly what the Spirit of God has made you inwardly. 

Your body is like a living prism that reflects outwardly the belief (or image) that you hold of yourself within. Therefore, what you believe about yourself is critically important. The moment you received Christ, you received a new image, and that new image is Christ Himself! 

Transformation is God’s way of producing masterpieces modeled after His likeness. The whole process of transforming is changing the image you once held into the new image that is now you, and then reflecting that new image outwardly as Christ-likeness. As you are discovering who you are from the Word of God (not based on what you do or from false beliefs or emotions), allow the Holy Spirit to show you that you are one of God’s masterpieces! 

How would you describe yourself to someone?

Can you see areas where you are conforming to the world’s standards?

Do you seek the Holy Spirit to transform you to be more like Christ?