Free Indeed! God’s Empowering Word Infused Into Your Life Makes You Free Indeed


Day 2 – Empowering the Holy Spirit in Your Life

When you accepted Jesus as your Savior you received and were sealed with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indwells you and is the means and motivator for living the Christian life. As you are filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit you will overcome your enemies (the world, habitual sin, Satan) and live a holy and victorious life. 

God’s power cannot help but transform you. When you realize all the riches of Heaven are yours, all the promises of God are available to you, and all the power of the Holy Spirit is at your fingertips, you can take hold of the victorious life God has for you. 

Being filled with the Holy Spirit releases the power of God through your human spirit, impacting both your soul (mind, will and emotions) and body (behavior). His empowering presence is what enables you to victoriously live the Christian life and to effectively serve Him . 

You draw closer to the Holy Spirit in exactly the same way that you came to know the Father and the Son: through the Word of God. Jesus said the Heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. Do you truly desire to have God’s best—to be God’s best? 

Therefore, desire is the first step in being filled with the Holy Spirit. Second, begin praying for the Holy Spirit to guide and transform you. As you pray, you are surrendering your control over to God, asking the Holy Spirit to give you His wisdom and power to change your thinking and behavior to become more like Him.

When you allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life, you are equipped to handle setbacks and trials: broken and hurting relationships, when your faith is being challenged, when things are not going your way, and when you have temptations. These things are just part of life, and you can handle them emotionally and not get defeated by having God’s peace as you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you every minute of every day. 

How would you define your Christian life? 

What decisions are you currently facing that you could seek the Holy Spirit’s direction for? 

How can you invite the Holy Spirit to guide you in your daily thoughts and actions?