Free Indeed! God’s Empowering Word Infused Into Your Life Makes You Free Indeed



Day 1 – Jesus is the Solution to Your Problems

Jesus claimed to be, and proved through His resurrection, that He is the Christ, the Son of God, God incarnate. He is the ONLY ONE through which you find forgiveness of all your sins, and know through experience, God. 

Jesus and His work are historically and factually presented and supported in the New Testament. No other man in history has ever had His birth, His life, and His death predicted and fulfilled besides Jesus Christ. He fulfilled every single one of the 333 prophecies concerning His coming, a fact that absolutely defies the power of numbers to express the improbability. These prophecies make up part of the credentials that accompany Jesus‘ arrival, a coming spelled out clearly and accurately hundreds of years in advance.

The greatest proof of the deity of Jesus is changed lives. If you choose to accept the salvation that He offers, you immediately become a new creation as the Spirit of God enthrones Jesus Christ in your heart. You receive a new, righteous spirit, modeled after God’s own spirit.

The Bible is the one book that addresses all of the problems that man faces, either directly or indirectly. It is God’s manual for victorious living. This remarkable book was written in a remarkable way, and it affects people in a remarkable manner. Instead of leaving you mired in life’s problems, God offers you freedom and victory over your problems through Jesus. 

Because Jesus is God, there is no one else you can trust to handle your problems and address your needs. One of the great facts of the Bible is that God hears and acknowledges your problems. God knows the hills and valleys that lay before you. Yet, He doesn’t focus on your problems—He provides solutions! 

God loves you and offers you joy to replace your sorrow, peace in place of your anxiety, and solutions to your dilemmas. As you allow Jesus to change you, apply the Word of God to your life, you are transformed on the inside which changes your actions on the outside becoming Free Indeed!

As you read the Book of John in the New Testament, describe how it talks about Jesus.

What are some problems that you need His help finding solutions to?

Ask yourself, “Can I entrust my life to the Truths of God’s Word?”