Wise Bond

DAY 7 OF 7

"Bonded in Christ" Friendships like any other relationship involve sacrifice and progression. Reflection and self-analysis is key when determining your goals and views of friendship. Questions to consider include: What are you moving towards in your friendships? How will your bond benefit you and how will you contribute to your friendships? Is this friendship for a season or lifetime? Regardless of the phase you are in, progression and sharpening each other in GOD’s word is the main target you are aiming for. Take some time to reflect on the bonds you label as friendships and examine your role in them. If both individuals are not working towards sharpening each other, supporting each other and being in agreement with God’s purpose and assignment for each other’s lives individually and collectively it might be time to ask the Vinedresser to cut off unfruitful branches. Friendship is not something you play around with, it is a commitment. Examine your motives for relationships and follow Jesus Christ as your example. Prayer: GOD I ask and receive your forgiveness for the way I have treated people who have considered me their friend. Our heavenly father thank you for friends you have allowed me to have who are sharpening me. I ask for wisdom to sharpen my friends and loved ones. I pray to be a friend who is there to help my friends in your will, word, way and plan for our lives. LORD thank you for being my vinedresser. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.

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Wise Bond

You’ll meet a lot of people in your life and you’ll need wisdom and discernment in order to pursue God honoring relationships. In the Wise Bond Bible plan readers will discover through scripture how to develop and identi...

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