Wise Bond

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"Walk With Wisdom" It is vital that we exercise caution when communicating with individuals who knowingly disregard Godly wisdom and correction. Growing up my Dad was very serious about how the friendships my siblings and I established affected our Christian development. It is imperative to analyze the bonds you form. Are the friendships you’re in causing harm to your Christian development? Are these friends negatively interfering with your fellowship and relationship with GOD? Prudently selecting friends who are wise, scripture informs us that we will become wise, but intentionally forming bonds with those who are foolish will cause us much harm. A wise friend is one who holds you accountable with GOD’s commands and Jesus’ example of love. A wise friend will rebuke your wrong to get you back on the righteous path and in the end you will appreciate them. But a foolish friend will do the exact opposite, friends who intentionally rebuke wisdom will encourage you to do things that go against God’s word and Jesus’ example for your life. They are headed towards a danger zone and if you remain in association with the wrong friends you will not be far behind them. Are you a friend who resents correction and wisdom? Do you have friends who continually rebuke wisdom? Are you ready to walk with the wise to become wise? Take a moment and reflect on what kind of friend you want to be and the friends you want to have, wise or foolish one(s)? The choice is yours, but remember positive or negative consequences will follow. Prayer: GOD I thank you for your love, grace and mercy. LORD I ask for wisdom and prudence as it relates to my life, especially my friends. LORD bless me with friends who hold me accountable for my actions. I also ask that you bless me with the fortitude to hold my friends accountable according to your Word. I want to be wise not foolish, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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Wise Bond

You’ll meet a lot of people in your life and you’ll need wisdom and discernment in order to pursue God honoring relationships. In the Wise Bond Bible plan readers will discover through scripture how to develop and identi...

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