Wise Bond

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"Contaminated Compliments" Honesty is imperative in every relationship especially friendships. When you give someone a compliment it must be an honest and genuine one. Trust, honesty and love guide friendships and compliments should be administered accordingly. When a true friend gives a compliment or rebuke one should without hesitation trust that they are providing sound counsel. Receiving correction from those we value and love can be trusted, but steer clear and ask GOD for wisdom for the person who doesn’t have your best interest in mind, only praising you and never holding you accountable. In many circumstances some people give compliments and don’t mean what they proclaim. Examples of contaminated compliments are as follows: “Wow! Living a life of abstinence as GOD commanded until marriage is great, but you will never get married.” “Your dreams and goals sound awesome, but be realistic you will never achieve them.” “Congrats on losing 20 lbs.! Let’s celebrate over cheeseburgers, fries and cheesecake at your favorite restaurant this entire week! My treat!” “I know you have high standards, but you need to lower them.” “That outfit! Did you mean to wear that on purpose today?” “I know you are patiently waiting on GOD to bring to fruition each desire of your heart, but you might need to take matters in your own hands like me, at least I’m comfortable.” Today, be prudent in what you say to others and honor God with your compliments. Prayer: Jesus help me to be the friend to others that you are to me. When I decide to compliment or show appreciation to anyone I ask that you bless me with wisdom to speak from love. I don’t want to give contaminated compliments to anyone. Let my compliments align with the promises and declarations your word says about each and every one of us. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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Wise Bond

You’ll meet a lot of people in your life and you’ll need wisdom and discernment in order to pursue God honoring relationships. In the Wise Bond Bible plan readers will discover through scripture how to develop and identi...

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