Wise Bond

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"Oil and Water Don't Mix" True friendship comes with great responsibility. In order to fulfill your responsibility of accountability love is a vital aspect of forming wise bonds. To love your friend means to enjoy the great times and to effectively communicate during the challenging times. There will be times during a friendship when correction is paramount for progression and success. Correction is not always a pleasant experience, but friends who love one another will do what is in the best interest of the other as they honor God in their actions. Be mindful of the bonds your form. Individuals who keep bad company, don’t be deceived, it “corrupts good character.” This is important for friends to keep in mind, especially when you have a diverse group of friends who live ungodly lifestyles. Befriending long lasting relationships with individuals who ridicule and mock your God honoring values is not a good mix for you. Seeking unwise bonds with bad company will corrupt your good character. When the relationship goes down the path of forsaking wisdom, toxicity is present and without repentance the bond suffers. Condoning behaviors and actions that are not God honoring will always be wrong. Prayer: GOD I am aware that bad company corrupts good character. LORD help me to discern when I am in the midst of bad company and if I am causing someone to stumble. I want to be the person and most importantly the friend you have called me to be. I want to honor you in my relational bonds. In Jesus name I pray AMEN

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Wise Bond

You’ll meet a lot of people in your life and you’ll need wisdom and discernment in order to pursue God honoring relationships. In the Wise Bond Bible plan readers will discover through scripture how to develop and identi...

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