Wise Bond

DAY 2 OF 7

"Actions and Words" Have you ever encountered someone who claims they will do great things for you and they never keep any of their promises? Perhaps it was a relative, colleague, or even a friend. Usually when friends declare their love, respect and care for in return individuals expect an action to match their promises. In life the only one we can truly count on is GOD to fulfill each and every one of his promises because they are all yes, but it is very disappointing when a friend claims to love you but intentionally goes against their words to withhold kindness from you. As you seek wisdom regarding wise bonds, listen very carefully to what your friends are saying and doing and what the Holy Spirit is directing you to do. Do you have a friend who speaks negatively about how you live your life for Christ? Or do you have a friend who encourages you and is in agreement with how you live your life as an ambassador for Christ? Relationships where people intentionally hurt you and continuously demean you are not healthy and is not what GOD wants for his children. Even in the midst of toxic friendships, GOD will work it out for your good (Romans 8:28). Today evaluate if the friends in your life display actions that match their words, also evaluate if you are a friend who needs to work on this area. Be a friend whose actions speak louder than your words and seek friends who do the same. Prayer: Our heavenly father, thank you for this day! I ask you for wisdom on identifying areas in my life in which my words have not matched my actions. I ask for wisdom on being a friend that glorifies you. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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Wise Bond

You’ll meet a lot of people in your life and you’ll need wisdom and discernment in order to pursue God honoring relationships. In the Wise Bond Bible plan readers will discover through scripture how to develop and identi...

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