Wise Bond

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"Choose Carefully"

Envision today you have an important meeting to attend that will showcase everything about you including: your attributes, values and beliefs. Aware of the significance of this meeting you understand that you must carefully select an outfit that matches what will be displayed about you.

This outfit selection will either positively or negatively magnify to individuals how you view yourself and how you allow others to view you. On the way out of the door you take a glance in the mirror and conclude that you’ve made an exceptional outfit choice that illustrates how you want to be viewed.

Just as we take time to carefully choose the clothes we wear to represent our personality and unique style, selecting individuals we develop relational bonds with also illustrates who we are and what we represent. When people see your friends do they match your attributes, values and beliefs? Do your relationships honor God?

According to GOD we are commanded to choose friendships carefully. All friendships are to be centered in Christ and include the qualities of: love, respect, honesty, support, encouragement, and accountability just to name a few. Friends DO NOT hate, demean, destroy and stifle one’s spiritual, physical, educational, social or mental growth. Nor do they lead you down wicked paths, are jealous, malicious or self-centered.

Although friendships take time and commitment to develop, relationships are to reflect God’s glory and our identity in Christ. When individuals see you with your friends, do your friends reflect who you are in Christ? Are you a friend that displays the quality traits previously mentioned? One should use caution regarding the people they allow into their lives, some individuals will put on the façade of a friend but eventually their motives are exposed.

Currently you might have a group of friends that you’ve known for years or you just had the pleasure of meeting someone new, remember whatever you do, choose your friends carefully. Also examine what kind of friend you are called to be. Remember people are discerning whether to choose you as a friend as well. Don’t be discouraged if you have to walk away from individuals, just remember Jesus Christ is not only our Savior and redeemer he is our very best friend! By spending quality time in prayer, asking GOD for wisdom, and following the promptings and revealed knowledge by and through the Holy Spirit you will discern if certain friendships should be established or eradicated.

Our Heavenly Father I ask for wisdom and discernment regarding the friendships I am currently in. LORD reveal to me the friendships that are pleasing to you and the relational bonds that are not pleasing to you. LORD I am also asking for wisdom on how to be the friend you have called me to be according to your will, word and way. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.