Rooted In Faith

Rooted In Faith

DAY 8 OF 8

It is important to be mindful of where your roots not only start but the direction that they grow towards.

Roots have the ability to grow five times the distance of the canopy of the tree! But if we allow our roots to drift further and further from our base (Jesus) then we can become lost. If we get our roots wrapped around Jesus Christ and make sure that they don’t stray too far from him, then we are in good shape. But if we get them wrapped around anything or anyone else, we are in trouble.

Too often do we allow our roots to drift off in various directions and then wonder why there seems to be a disconnect within us. Why start to question why we aren’t feeling the way that we used to. Our roots drift away from going to church. They drift away from reading our Bibles or from having a conversation with God. Our hearts and minds aren’t in the right places because our roots are scattered all around! Our roots are above and our branches are below. We don’t know which way is up. We can’t focus. We can’t control our emotions. The stress of daily life starts to pile up and it seems unmanageable because we aren’t rooted in what we need to be rooted in:


You won’t grow if your roots are planted in the desert! You have to find good soil to dig your roots in, and this starts with having faith in the first place! Faith that you will prevail. Faith that God won’t let you fall or falter without picking you back up.

If you want to grow, you have to constantly water yourself with the word.

Keep your faith in spite of your circumstances.

Make the decision to believe in better things.

Don’t stray from God’s path.

And make sure that you’re rooted in faith.

- David Villa

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Rooted In Faith

The soil that you take root in will determine how high you grow. In his latest plan, David Villa and the Gamechanger Facebook group discuss the importance of having strong roots in firm, faithful soil. Are you rooted in ...

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