Rooted In Faith

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Root – To establish deeply or firmly. To be very strong and firmly fixed.

To be rooted in faith is to remain firm against any opposition that tries to move you. To be strong in times of weakness. To be confident despite being afraid. To know that these roots will not allow you to topple over, even when you’re swaying.

It is to refuse to walk in the ways of the unrighteous, and to ignore the taunts and challenges of the enemy. You know the calling that God has for your life, and you soar above the status quo. The pain of this world will not deter you from accomplishing that which God has put you on a path to accomplish. While winds try to blow you over, you remain planted firmly into the enriched soil that God has laid at your feet. When fires rage around you, you remain cool headed despite your surroundings melting away. Those who are rooted strongly in faith aren’t immune to their circumstances or surroundings, but they have an inner peace that cannot be stolen from them. They know that despite whatever storm that they may be weathering, that God and the words that He has spoken will provide them with comfort and security.

You are whole.

You are safe.

You are free.

No longer do we have to walk in shame and in fear. The mustard seed of faith that we carry with us will provide us with the ability to move mountains. We have planted our roots in good soil and we are reaping a bountiful harvest as the result of this. We read our bibles in the same manner that a farmer will tend to his crops. We digest the word of God and we see our dreams come to fruition. We are sowing constantly and, as the result, we are harvesting constantly.

If you want to flourish, it starts with growing strong roots.

- David Villa