Rooted In Faith

Rooted In Faith

DAY 6 OF 8

“A tree with strong roots laughs at storms.”

When I think of being rooted in faith, like many, I think of the tangible definition of being rooted in. When someone talks about having strong roots, they are often referencing massive trees and plants. Redwoods and oak trees with roots as thick as your forearm, that tie the tree down to the earth, forbidding it from moving.

But I think about the palm tree.

You’ve heard people talk about the palm tree’s resilience, and its ability to bend to conform to the ways of the wind. Whereas large and powerful oak trees will break, the palm tree sways back and forth. Flexing but not fracturing, the palm tree survives.

But it isn’t just its ability to bend that keeps the palm tree from falling. What is not often talked about are the roots of the palm tree. Unlike the oak tree whose roots are so thick that they tear apart the earth around it, palm trees have thin roots. While they are not thick, they are bountiful. There are roots everywhere, gripping the earth firmly. The roots of the oak tree may spread far from the tree, but the roots of the palm tree stay within just a foot or two from the tree. While oak trees rely on their size to weather the storm, palm trees work in cooperation, knowing that the number of their roots outweigh the strength of the wind.

They bend.

They flex.

They grip.

And they survive.

Being rooted in faith is not about appearing to be the strongest on the outside. Being rooted in faith requires resiliency. It requires that you dig your feet in and you push through even when the storm becomes overbearing. Faith is the hardest part. Faith isn’t for the faint of heart. The Bible says that you must have faith, but it does not say that doing so is easy. Your roots often feel thin, and the wind may show no signs of letting up.

Whether you’re new to faith or you grew up in church does not matter. Faith is difficult for all to possess.

If it were easy, everyone would be faithful.

But life isn’t about surviving through the easy times, it’s about remaining planted during the hard times.

- Brett Anaya


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Rooted In Faith

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