Rooted In Faith

Rooted In Faith

DAY 4 OF 8

Uncertain times have the ability to create many uncertain thoughts and feelings about our lives. Situations change that we could not have planned. People change that we could not have anticipated. Our world shifts and we can either adapt  or struggle and resist.

So many things about our lives right now may seem like they are completely out of our control. Life is suddenly full of questions. What was once normal, has been turned upside down by an unexpected diagnosis, a lost job, a financial crisis, a challenging education plan, the elimination of our activities, and all because of an unforeseen world pandemic. With everything in some form of test, tria,l or turmoil, how is a normal person supposed to cope? Perhaps God is actually making a way for hope.

Let’s face it, our calendars had become so crammed with work, school, sports, events, volunteering, and more. Social media apps had distracted all our extra free time. We were absorbed by comparing our vacations, houses, cars, and stuff with that of our friends and neighbors. So maybe God allowed our proving ground to be cleared, so new seeds could be planted in our own fertile soil, not in someone else’s field? Maybe He wanted our roots to grow deep in His truth, instead of the false truths of our social influences? Maybe God knew He could grow fresh fruit from our efforts if we spent our free time together as families and recommitting our lives in gratitude? Maybe God was giving us an opportunity to recognize that as things continued to become unstable and stripped away, we had no other choice but to trust Him, stand firm on the solid ground of our faith, and cling to the hope that was rooted in the faithful promise of reward and a better future?

As we step into our uncertain days ahead with hope, let us remain grounded in unshakable faith. Let us continue to stay rooted in the truths of God’s word. And let us keep believing in the power of our Almighty God to heal our land, our lives and let us love deeply because He first loved us.

- Lori Bodkin

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Rooted In Faith

The soil that you take root in will determine how high you grow. In his latest plan, David Villa and the Gamechanger Facebook group discuss the importance of having strong roots in firm, faithful soil. Are you rooted in ...

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