DIY for the Soul


In the beginning of everything we know, at the creation of our world, God said that we do not need to be alone. 

This is a powerful idea that tells so much about us. We need relationships! We need contact, feedback, and fellowship with other people in order to feel complete and fulfilled. 

In current times, it is easier than ever to present the appearance of connection while actually being isolated. Social media, instantly available entertainment, and other factors make it so easy for us to withdraw from relationships and live lives on our own. We miss so much of our purpose when we allow that to happen!  

Ultimately, we were created to know God and worship Him. That is where our purpose comes from. Beyond that foundation, we also need healthy human relationships in our lives to help us thrive and meet our purpose.

Are you isolated? Do you have a healthy relationship with God and with other people who point you towards Him? In order for every other part of our lives to make sense, this is where we have to start.