DIY for the Soul


When I think of soul care I immediately think of alone time with God. 

In my personal experience I always found soul care from my sought out time alone with God. In college, for me that meant sometimes leaving my home, or simply going into a room alone and getting in the Word of God and prayer. In this time I soaked up wisdom from the Lord, and was able reflect on so many situations in my life. 

This soul care is important for all Christians and we need it every day. True growth comes from it when we continue to seek this time out. People say this all of the time, but it is crucial in order to fill our souls with the love and wisdom of God.

I love Psalm 62 because David, in words, explains all of our need for the love and protection of God over our soul. 

We all have a hunger and a need for God, and we need to continue to be filled by Him. When we do this, our souls are filled.

What can you do to better take care of your soul?