DIY for the Soul


In today’s scripture we are encouraged to keep our minds focused on things above, Heaven. That’s a difficult task for sure. We live in a social world where fellowship amongst people is a top priority and this is how God intended us to live. Unfortunately, it is very easy to focus on earthly things and what someone may possess that we don’t.   

We don’t mean to do it; however, our lives quickly become a race in “keeping up.” 

How do we not focus on earthly things? Well, we envision Heaven. We focus on our God and the beauty that He brings to our lives and our relationships. 

Literally, take a picture in your mind of Jesus as He reigns in Heaven. What does it look like? How does it make you feel?  

Let’s bring this picture to the forefront of our minds when we find ourselves trapped in comparative living. God is our provision and all we need.  

Remember that His plan for our lives is much better than anything we make happen ourselves. 

How do you picture Heaven?  How do you picture Jesus?  Can you find contentment in those images?