DIY for the Soul


Sometimes joy is hard to find. We get frustrated every day and have to make the choice to stay positive. Have you ever had a day when that just wasn’t possible?Everything you “touched” just went the wrong way? Me too! 

This verse from Psalm 86 reminds me to remember where my focus is: it’s Jesus. He is the one I trust and He is the one that brings joy. Not necessarily a smile, but the positive peacefulness that brings joy. 

Even in tough situations we can focus on Him and remember that we serve a God who loves us enough to give us merciful grace and happiness. Personally, there have been situations in my life where I’ve almost questioned the peace and joy I felt. How could I be so content through this? Well, that’s the Lord! That is the peace that transcends anything we can comprehend. 

Even in the toughest, most emotionally stressful situations, He brings peace and joy. 

What do you need to trust God with? Have you ever experienced this untimely peaceful joy? If so, I challenge you to encourage someone with your story today. We all need His goodness.