DIY for the Soul


God speaks to us in this verse from Proverbs, telling us to be content and have peace in our hearts with what He has given us. 

We can probably all agree that sometimes it can be hard to be satisfied with  our worldly circumstances. So, we have to focus on having a transformed mind and heart—a heart after God’s own heart—when it comes to His plans and purposes for us. 

The deeper we dig into God’s word, the more our hearts and minds are in line with His. The peace we get from Jesus gives us the best life! When we chase after a heart for God’s own heart, we have a better chance of not having envy toward others. 

I've always been a vehicle enthusiast. I grew up with a Ferrari guy, and to this day have wanted one of my own. I am big into car/truck shows. I struggled for many years with why I don't have something as fun and cool as a toy to drive. But the more I seek a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus, the more God reveals his heart and purpose for my life outside of worldly distractions. I have peace that God is going to continue to give me the best life possible! 

Do you have any envy? Is your heart at peace?